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The Hurrungane Massif located within the Jotunheimen National Park is one of the finest mountain areas in Norway. The mountain range belongs to the municipalities Luster and Årdal in Sognog Fjordane county and it's located to the SW in the larger Jotunheimen range. Sharp peaks and towering mountains project their high vertical walls above broad crevassed glaciers, falling down into extensive valleys. The Hurrungane Massif can be divided into two main groups, showing quite different features. The main massif is located in the South West, including the most challenging 2000er in the Scandes chain, as Store Skagastølstind. In the Nort-Eastern sector of Hurrungane it's situated a smaller group, the nice Fannaråken group, including some beautiful mountains with gentler profiles, as Fannaråken 2068 m, here is
- Fannarakhytta, the highest overnight lodge in Norway